This is where the healing begins

This past weekend was full of really hard things, but it was also full of beautiful healing moments. Remembrance weekend 2018 was a first for us and I’m so thankful we came!

It’s bittersweet, but beautiful, to come back to a place and visit where my sweet Camp is so loved and was so well taken care of. Yes, it can be impossible to breathe when I think back on some of those really hard days, but I also feel so close to him at St. Jude.

This weekend was a much needed reminder that we’re not in this alone. We have others along this journey of grief that are there to encourage and motivate us, just as we can do for them.

While St. Jude currently has an 80% survival rate, we are the 20%. We are the families that have lost children that still don’t have a cure. We won’t stop until no child dies of cancer. There is a world full of hope and I’m going to do everything in my power to share that hope with others!

Because of the support of so many generous donations, fundraisers, book purchases, Hometown Heroes and so much more, we were able to donate $10,000 this weekend while we were at St. Jude. Our family gave $5,000 to AT/RT research to continue learning about the type of brain tumor Camp had, we were able to give $2,500 in memory of Hudson Campbell to research and we gave $2,500 in memory of Austyn Halter to her family’s marathon team! THANK YOU!!! We couldn’t do this without all of you!!

It was a full weekend…full of tears, full of smiles, full of laughs, full of memories, full of hugs, full of hope! Even in our darkest days, Jesus is our hope! His love never fails and even when we think He’s far away, He’s always trying to draw us in closer!

Thank you to all of our friends and family near and far that have supported and continue to support us through this journey! Thank you for being patient with us! Thank you for showing us grace when we are slow to respond to a text or forget to call back! Thank you for understanding when we don’t have words and just have to endure the silence! We are not walking this grief journey alone! Thank you for being there with us! You will never know what your love, support and encouragement mean to us! We love you all and will forever be #CampStrong!

This is where the healing begins…

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